How we work

The Empire-db project uses the following resources to maintain its code and coordinate development efforts:

GIT - Source code repository

The Empire-db source code is availabe from our GIT Repository

... or from our Github mirror

JIRA - Ticketing system

For bug-reporting and issue tracking we use the JIRA ticketing system


Information about the project can also be found on our Wiki-Page

Mailing lists

In order to communicate with us, you many want to use one of the following mailing lists:

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Hint: In order to unsubscribe simply add an "un" before the "subscribe" i.e. ""

Who we are

We are a team of software enthusiasts who are voluntarily working on this project in order to Make this World a Better Place.
Currently the Empire-db project is maintained by the following Committers:

  • Rainer Döbele (Chair)
  • Benjamin Venditti
  • Dimitar Simeonov
  • Eike Kettner
  • Francis De Brabandere
  • Ivan Nemeth
  • Jan Glaubitz
  • Jörg Reiher
  • Martijn Dashorst
  • Ralf Eichinger

We want you!

Are you missing a feature in Empire-db? Ideas for improving Empire-db? Then why not giving something back to the community? Here are the first steps:

  • Create a JIRA ticket and let us know what problem is and what can be done about about it.
  • Fix the issue by extending Empire-db classes or modifying the source code
  • Send us your code by creating a GIT pull request on Github

As an Open-Source project we are relying on voluntary contributions from interested people. The Apache Empire-db project is actively seeking new contributors to work on all aspects of the project. We need and appreciate all contributions, including documentation help, source code development and feedback.